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Rizurf is the end place for your renting solutions. We, at Rizurf, know the renting process and the pain behind investing time on numerous web portals, with unprofessional and dissatisfactory site visits. We have a process tailored for your comfort that makes it easy and hassle-free for you to pick an apartment that suits you.

Our Personal Home Finder (PHF) is an easy-to-go option where our specialists will guide you through the best available stocks as per your requirements. Our technical expertise and know-how are visible in the display of real pictures of apartments, with video tours and 360-degree pictures, where the customers get an experience of the property before they move in. We value each one of our customers and their needs! So, Rizurf focuses and prioritises the statistics based on you!


We respect our customers' priorities and choices and assist them in finding a place where they would call it home.


We aim to be one of the top leading Property Technology companies in the immediate timeframe